Adding Interactions

The Interactions Inspector allows you to setup touch interactions for view elements.

To setup an interaction:

  1. Select a view by clicking on it in the Explorer or Canvas
  2. Click ‘Add Interaction’ in the Interactions Inspector
  3. Select the ‘Gesture’ by clicking the gesture icon and selecting a gesture from the displayed popover. Currently, only tap gestures are supported. More gestures will be added soon.
  4. Select the ‘Action’ from the drop-down selector and fill out the required fields. See ‘Interaction Types’ below for more information about each type


Available Actions


Displays a simple alert message that the user can view and dismiss.

To configure an Alert interaction, simply specify a Title and a Message - Qwikly will handle showing it to the user.

Custom Action

Calls a custom method on the view controller.

To configure a Custom Action interaction, simply specify a selector (method name). Qwikly will generate a stub method for this selector on the base view controller in gen/ViewControllers. You should put your implementation of the custom action selector in the view controller in app/ViewControllers, using the override keyword.


Performs a transition to another scene.

To configure a Transition interaction, simply select the transition type ('Push', 'Replace', or 'Pop') and the destination scene from the drop-down selectors. Note that for 'Pop' transitions, the destination scene is not necessary.

External Login

Prompt the user to authenticate with an external integration. This interaction type is only available if you have configured one or more external integrations.

To configure an OAuth Login interaction, do the following:

  1. Select the Integration to which the user will be prompted to authenticate
  2. Configure the ‘On error’ action
    • this setting controls what will happen if the user fails to authenticate with the external integration
  3. Configure the ‘On success’ action
    • this setting controls what will happen if the user successfully authenticates with the external integration

Removing Interactions

To remove an interaction from the selected view, simply click the trash icon in the Interactions Inspector panel.