Properties Inspector

The Properties Inspector allows you to specify properties that control how the selected view will appear or behave.

To configure properties for a view:

  1. Select a view by clicking on it in the Explorer or Canvas
  2. Select the appropriate values from the Properties Inspector panel

Common Properties

The following properties are available for all types of layers:

‘Set as Initial Scene’ Button

Every app generated by Qwikly has an initial scene that is loaded when the app first launches. If the current scene is not the initial scene, clicking the ‘Set as Initial Scene’ button will set the current scene as the initial scene. If the current scene is the initial scene, the button will be disabled and cannot be clicked.

Per-type Properties

Each type of view (e.g. scene, image, text) will have different properties that are available to it.

Scene Properties

Status Bar Hidden?
If checked, the app will not display the status bar when the selected scene is mounted.
Status Bar Style
Determines the color scheme to use for the status bar. The ‘default’ setting is will display a dark status bar.
Status Bar Animation
The animation to be used when showing the status bar. The available options are: none, fade, and slide.

Tab Bar Properties

‘Setup TabBar’ Button
Clicking this button will launch the Tab Bar editor.


Text Properties

Number of Lines
The maximum number of lines the block of text should take up.